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Laboratory of Information Design I, Iuav University of Venice | Gianluigi Pescolderung and Emanuela Bonini Lessing |

January 2013

Team: Susanne Gartner, Stella Morelli and Alice Olivieri

The brief: realize a thematic map for Venice and a project based on a “Campo” in Venice.

For this project we choosed Campo Sant’Alvise situated in the nord part of Venice. This Campo was influenced by the depopulation of Venice due to its turistic  problems.

The project shows the problem in living in Venice like the difficulties for old and disable people that can’t reach the most of services because even if they are close they have to many bridges to cross. With this elements we decided to create an enviromental project by setting big icons in the campo with a real element to interesting people e show how the life could be different if the services are into the Campo as it was before. The Campo in Venice is the place of the active life, of services, shops and markets. Today the function has changed.

The map shows in one side the Venice map and the path to reach Campo Sant’Alvise from the bus station (Piazzale Roma) it indicates the services concentrated in the center of the path and the absence of services in the outskirts of the city. In the first part of this side there is a text about the Campo in Venice and Campo Sant’Alvise.

The other side has an infographic rapresentation of the problem of Venice that shows how the life is difficult. The last part invites people to go to Campo Sant’Alvise and see individually the problem.

My role: I designed all the infographics and the icons of the map and part of the layout of the front. I traced the Venice map. I decided to use a monocromatic palette that comes from the campo.

|| Look at the Project Booklet on ISSUU  ||