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Laboratory of visual communication III, Polytechnic of Turin

Professors: Franco Mello, Fabio Guida

Winter-Spring 2012

Team: Valeria Martelli, Stella Morelli, Irene Murrau, Andrea Palermo, Giorgio Ribotto, Simone Rotella (Thanks to Gigi Murrau)

Technology involved: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. Photographs with a Nikon D90

The brief:  Realize a new concept for a new magazine.

This project wants to combine art and food in an innovative magazine with artistic inspiration to the realization of the food. Each number has a different artistic movement. The first number is about Futurism.
Realization of layout, recipes, articles and photograps.

My role: For this project every member of the group worked together. Each of us generated and developed the concept, created a layout, shot the dishes and wrote articles. The competences were to use all graphics programs and become responsible for the realization of a team work that involved every graphic design.