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Interaction Design Thesis Group, Iuav University of Venice

| Raimonda Riccini, Davide Rocchesso, Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor |


The brief: In 2014-2015 starts the celebration for the Centenary of the First World War. There are a lot of events and project not only in Italy, but in the whole world for increasing the tourism in the places and teach the history to the people.

In Italy one of the most important places for this events are located in the North-East. I choose for this project the Monte Grappa where it is possible to find path, trance, galleries and material related to the war. 

The most of people in Italy doesn’t know these places and their importance. I want to realize and engaging project for helping people exploring the place and learning the history. In this area there is a big will to increase the tourism and make this places important Open Air Museum that attract people.

diQua is a mobile application that interacts directly with the place. Along the path there are beacon sensor that sends contents automatically to the user who is near to the active point. All the contents are related exactly to the place and allow people to learn the history from testimony from the battlefield. The contents received can be different: audio, video and interactive tools to improve the attention and the learning. By usign the app the user can be in an immersive and explorative experience.

The color palette is created to give a relation between the place and the interface and also the green color is know for its relaxing properties that helps to absorb the delicate issue of the war.