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Laboratory of Interaction Design II, Iuav University of Venice | Philip Tabor, Gillian Crampton Smith |

Winter-Spring 2012

Team: Tommaso Bertagnin, Loris Bottello, Stella Morelli, Valeria Sanguin

Technology involved: Arduino

The brief:  “Things That Tell Us Things”: realize an interactive, informative and biomorphic device for a public space in Venice.

Social media allow us to be always connected with the people we know, but at the same time we are isolated behind our screens, losing the physicality of human relations. Another fact is that, with globalization leveling knowledge and habits, the amusement of discovery often comes from simple things like the encounter of new people who surround you.

Dandylight sparked from these premises, to connect people who share the same space. It is a network of objects, a physical interface inspired by the beauty of nature, that lets people engage in a playful communication made of lights. Now it’s up to you to play, everyone is interesting!

My role: For the project I photographed the work in progress including for the presentations. I edited and made some effects for the introductory video. For the prototype I did some experiments with the Plexiglas as the cut of the cover, the leaves (not present in the final prototype) and finally realized the cover with the hole. I also realized a circuit for the LEDs on a breadboard to test with my group the efficiency of the interaction and of the IR signal. Into the code I developed the fadeColor that allows colors to fade into another color. After all the experiments each member of the team made their own prototype in order to learn and know how every part was realized.

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This project partecipate to the Maker Faire Rome 2013 and it is also part of the Fritzing Creator Kit Manual.