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Arduino Camp 2012, Officine Arduino, Torino

June 2012

Team: Stella Morelli, Giulio Pilotto, Guido Zeppegno e Bissaorboea

Technology involved: Arduino

The brief: build an alarm clock using Arduino, an integrated circuit RTC PCF8563 and recycled materials.

Why throw out old stuffs? This project involves the reuse of a record player to create an innovative clock that shows the hour, especially it is synchronized with the Google Calendar. The clock and the motor of the record player are activated by an Arduino board programmed to catch the time on the web. The name is inspired by cloud computing.

With this project we won the 1st prize at the Arduino Camp 2012.

My role: For the project I organized the team. I decided the materials, the concept and the use of the alarm clock. I also realized the communication part as the logo, the gadgets and the post on the blog. I did the documentation photos.

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