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Laboratory of Interaction Design I, Iuav University of Venice | Gillian Crampton Smith, Philip Tabor |

Autumn-Winter 2012

Team: Gaetano Bruno, Alessia Longo, Matteo Marcato

Technology involved: Processing

The brief:  Venice is kept alive because ‘working nomads’ constantly circulate through its veins and arteries.

• Choose a nomad profession and discover how it works and what it needs
• Imagine a service which would use Venice’s future ambient intelligence to make the lives of working nomads more efficient and satisfying.

A smartphone app created for funeral directors and family to organize and personalize the funeral procession. Created for Venetian ritual, where there isn’t a family procession and everybody meets directly in front of the church. Parents and friends can share memories during the ceremony about the dead person.

My role: I first worked on the design process by doing a research about problems in Venice. We had together a brainstorming to reach our concept. I worked and studied the interaction between people and the device and organized the work with the team. For the code part (that was developed by Alessia) I concentrated in setting the document, colour-linked images, wrote variables and built some animation and interactions between buttons. For the app I set the beginning of the code for the three users and contributed to designing and defining the maps. I created the storyboard and the scenes for the video by choosing frames, sequences and music. I also recorded and edited the video and made the special effects for the installation. Finally I took all the photos for the presentations and the work.

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